Betterment Owned Corporation

Betterment Owned Corporation was created to bring the community together by closing the gap between sellers and buyers. Founded in 2020 we began building a platform that identifies all jobs and places of business available in the US market. Our hope is to expand options available to the public and businesses when looking for interested clients, resources and reliable products and services.

“With all the jobs functions and job markets types we made available here our feel is that looking for jobs or hiring people will become streamline as well as potentially closing the gap between manufacturers and suppliers of raw and finished goods.”

Betterment Owned Corporation or BOwned Bizlists are new servicers to the Information Technology Industry. We look forward to building relationships and connecting people in order to further themselves in the market. We realize there are many sites like this that help in connecting people in similar ways but we know, somehow; the community will see value in BOwned Bizlists services.

“The site short-name of  BOwned stands for Betterment Owned. We have chosen to use BOwned as a way of communicating in a subtle way that we are a Black Owned Company but in no way to say this site is just for people who identify as black. We admit that we are motivated in bringing our community together and look for support from all races in the idea of a Black Wall Street° Online if it’s publics will.”