Frequently Asked Questions

You can post your ad on b-owned.com by simply going to the “Submit Ad” or “Post Ad” button located on the side bar for desktop view. For hand held, the “Submit Ad” or “Post Ad” feature may be visible on the lower portion of your mobile device screen.

You can post most of your ads on b-owned.com for free but some ads do require a small fee outlined in our pricing plans. Please note Paid Advertisements Post 24hrs after processing.

Free Our platform features are similar to various popular sites so using b-owned.com site features will be user friendly. If however there are features on b-owned.com a user may seem unfamiliar with please email us and we will assists when we are available. Please know that we are under staffed and response time from our associates may take longer than expected. Also Check our recent HELP LINK VIDEOS.

You can find more details on posting ads on our pricing plans page. There you will find prices for posts as well as individual and business Featured Ad options. If you wish to find out information on Top Page Listing Advertisements please Contact US.

You can always contact us through email however if there has been no response to an urgent email or string of emails please write us at the location listed at the bottom of our terms.

Our BOwned Bizlists is a platform for all races and the name BOwned is the short name of our company. However, some users have chosen to add their posts to our BOwned Bizlisting page and Top Menu to identify as a black service provider,supporter or customer. See pricing plans for details.

There may be options to flag unwanted posts or hide ads on the b-owned.com platform. Please use these options appropriately without abusing the use of the site for other users. You can go to ourreport abuse form to notify b-owned.com directly to address these matters.

You can go to your ‘my account’ page to make changes to all features of your post options.

On BOwned Bizlist you can post social links, sites, and contact information for free on paid posts/ads at no extra cost. See pricing plans for more details.

Go BOwned (pronounced bownd) is a promotional phrase that may be used by our team or users with intent to promote the site logo on posts, ads, or profiles to identify themselves as a BOwned Member or user.

Yes. Betterment Owned Corporation is owned by ‘Black” Americans.